La nostra essenza

MAKE-UP Thiene, dal 1983, fragranze, gioielli e oggetti d’arte.

“Lori sighed.  It was a blessing or a curse that she had suddenly acquired and

frankly she didn’t know what it was.  The ability to only remember people through

certain smells.  Their names?  Forget it.  Her relationships with them?  She hadn’t a



All she knew was that the woman with the blonde hair smelt of roses, cardboard

boxes and moss.  The small girl with the pigtails? Chalk, violets and bubblegum.   The

man with the dark hair and long coat? Tulips, bread and tangerines.  The man who

owned the restaurant around the corner? Brocade, pencils and cloves.  She dreamt

not in colours but in aromas.


Lori walked past the fountain and sighed again…Lori smiled, maybe it was a

blessing after all.”

Laura Lockington

(estratto da “WHO ARE YOU? Beyond the image.” A Flash Fiction collection

inspired by the city of Thiene and its inhabitants).


Lorenzo Rota, “le batelier olfactif”: con la supervisione della fondatrice, Loredana Cazzola, oggi è il buyer di MAKE-UP Thiene.

 Deborah Parcesepe, esperta di cosmetica, gestisce lo skincare journal “Watery”: cura la fotografia e la comunicazione. Cattura e descrive le impressioni suscitate dai prodotti, le suggestioni che più ritiene adatte a titillare i sensi, a mettere a fuoco  l’immaginazione.